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Eleni Roberts, the shepherdess behind Avalon Alpaca, got in touch with me thanks to the Flock Farm Yarn Shop. And I'm so glad she did. We had a lovely Zoom conversation about all things alpaca and I was so glad to hear that there is a thriving alpaca community in Utah, where Eleni calls home. She has friends who mill yarn and others who keep more alpaca--sounds like a dream come true! Once I saw her yarn, I was even more excited. She has created some beautiful blends of alpaca and Merino and mohair and Merino. I just love the variety of color that you can find in alpaca yarn. And the darker gray mohair skeins each have a slightly different tint to them: one is slate/blue gray and the other is a black-gray.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Eleni and this adorable flock of alpaca! We have several shades of Avalon Alpaca yarn in the Flock Farm Yarn Shop--some is mixed with Merino and some with Mohair in gorgeous blends. Enjoy! 


Avalon Alpaca

Interview with Eleni Roberts


KTS: How did you start your flock and why have you chosen alpaca?


Eleni: I was a massage therapist for many years, and I had a client who owned alpacas. I didn’t even know what an alpaca was. I went to her home in Midway and when I saw them, I absolutely fell in love with them.  I knew right then and there that some day I would own alpacas. It was 10 years later that we moved and bought our first alpacas.


KTS: Can you tell us a bit more about the fiber community in Utah? I understand you have friends who breed alpacas and run fiber mills--we'd love to know what the community is like out where you live and work!


Eleni: We have a wonderful community of alpaca breeders in Utah. We help each other with shearing, spinning, felting, dying, and answering questions to anyone interested in alpacas. Sometimes even if they aren’t interested, they get information too, lol. We have two Utah fiber mills that process fiber and make yarn.


KTS: Are there any specific shepherd stories you'd like to share: something touching, funny, or just really indicative of life with alpacas?


Eleni: Alpacas are quite unique. They are very curious about all that goes on at the farm. They sound off an alarm if there is anything they feel is dangerous. One day they were all along the south fence sounding off the alarm. I ran out to see what was wrong, a stray dog, a fox, a racoon??  Well, in the north field they had brough in sheep. Very scary, vicious sheep, ha!  Silly alpacas.


KTS: You have so many creative pursuits. What inspires you as a maker? What are your favorite crafts?


Eleni: I love to do all things fiber.  I spin, weave, knit, crochet, felt, and dye. I love it all! It all looks different and feels different, I can’t say I like one more than the other.


KTS: What are your plans for 2022 and/or the future? Anything new on the horizon? 


Eleni: I have so much fiber to process! I can make yarn for years to come. I look forward to learning more about dying and making my own yarn. Weaving is a relatively new craft for me so there is so much more to learn.


KTS: Where can yarn-lovers find you online?


Eleni: My website is  I am also on Facebook and Instagram



Eleni Roberts



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