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Free Tutorials

A swatch of variegated yarn in the feather and fan pattern

Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

The Hue Shift Afghan folded so that the colors are piled on top of one another

Tutorials for those tricky stitches and pattern maneuvers. Featuring the Rose Cottage Cap and the It's a Wrap Cowl among others.


A series of five videos that will help you make a favorite sweater even better!

A blue swatch in SweetGeorgis Yarn

Short rows, sleeve caps, and sweater math are all here in a free playlist just for you!


Need some new ideas for spinning up all that fiber? This playlist talks you through things like combination and gradient spinning.

Bags of raw fleece

How you prep your fiber matters a whole lot! This playlist will get you started!

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