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An open book and a  set of circular needles containing stitches of a project

Available Now!

Many of us jump into knitting sweaters without ever learning how to really read and interpret a pattern. In this free class, we'll talk about how to get the most--and the most relevant information--from your patterns so that your projects will be successful! The class discusses three free patterns available online.

Sweater Cloning Class Main Thumb.jpg

Available NOW!

Do you have a hand-me-down, heirloom, or store bought that you want to recreate or clone? This class will help you dissect the garment and recreate it--often for the better! As a bonus, you'll also receive a copy of Melissa's Phoenix Pullover that she cloned from a commercial sweater.


Planned for 2023

Have you ever seen a sweater in a movie or television show that you simply had to have? In this class, I'll show you how to disect the sweater elements you can see and reverse engineer the portions that you can't. So gather your screenshots and let's get started!

A close-up of the Parks and Rec Pullover v-neck collar

Available Now!

This class will help you see patterns as recipes full of potential for change! We'll discuss and some of the most common modifications, including yarn substitution and mods for fit and ease of knitting. This class includes five lessons and free copies of Ailbiona McLochlainn's Scéal Grá and my own Parks & Rec Pullover. 


Available in 2022

Sweater Accessories

Have you ever loved a sweater so much that you wished it were an accessory? In this class, I'll cover the basic principles of converting a favorite sweater motif into an accessory. We'll cover cable, lace, and colorwork. Our class project will be a hat or cowl. 

The page of  a pattern with a small knitting project set on top of it

Planned for 2023

Do you have a pattern you simply must knit . . .  but it's in another language? This class will give you some strategies for making the translation. We'll also talk about how to find the information you need to learn about knitting techniques from cultures other than your own.


Available Now!

Want to take your pattern modification skills to the next level? Then let's get inspired by design! We'll discuss pattern mash-ups, adding new design elements, and the radical re-engineering of garment patterns, so you'll be ready to bring your creative visions to life! 

A blue cabled swatch on a red background

Available in 2022

Selecting the right yarn for your project is crucial. In this class, we'll talk about yarn structure, making smart color choices, managing successful substitutions, and what yarn characteristic are important for your next project.

A colorwork sweater that has been disassembled at the bust

Planned for 2023

Do you have a sweater that's just not quite right? You love it, but you also need it to change . . .  this class will walk you through the process of making the modifications that will make your knitted sweater better--after you've cast off!

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