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Beginning Sweater Modification Course

This online, asynchronous course is designed for knitters who want to begin learning about pattern and garment modification.


We'll talk about how to modify sweaters for fit and for fun: changing length and shaping, playing with motifs, adding pockets and button bands. We'll also talk about simple yarn and gauge substitution. But we'll begin with some basic principles that will help you understand why, how, and where to modify your garments for the best results. I hope you'll join me!


Our class includes two free patterns: Albina McLaughlin's Scéal Grá and my own Parks and Rec Pullover. So we have both top-down and bottom-up sweater mods covered.


The course fee includes a .zip file (~18MB) that includes a link to the YouTube playlist embedded in a combined PDF of the course worksheets; you'll also receive digital PDFs of Scéal Grá and the Parks and Rec Pullover. You will need the Adobe PDF Reader to dowload the course materials. Please download your course materials within 30 days of purchasing the class.


Course Outline

Introduction to the Course (6:15)

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Modification (16:43)

Lesson 2: Measuring Yourself, Your Yarn, & Your Gauge (37:37)

Lesson 3: Reading a Pattern for Modification (27:57)

Lesson 4: Modifications for Fit & Size (52:11)

Lesson 5: Modifications for Fun & Ease of Knitting (24:59)

Beginning Sweater Modification Course

  • All online course sales are final. No refeunds can be given. 

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