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Sweater Cloning Course

This course is designed for knitters who want to replicate commercial or heirloom sweaters from their personal collection. Maybe the original sweater is worn out, maybe it needs to be modified, or maybe you just want to remake it in a new color . . . the options are unlimited!


We'll talk about finding the best project for your skill set and goals; learn to "read" the knitting from the original sweater; talk through design, modification, and yarn options; and practice some basic sweater math. We'll cover basic stockinette along with cables, lace, and colorwork. After taking this course, you'll have the sweater knitting skills and confidence to take your knitting to the next level.


You will receive a .zip file (~2.5MB) that includes a link to the YouTube playlist embedded in a combined PDF of the course worksheets, and a copy of Melissa's Phoenix Pullover recipe. You will need the Adobe PDF Reader to dowload the course materials. Please download your course materials within 30 days of purchasing the class.


Course Outline

Introduction to the Course 

Lesson 1: Sweater Evaluation

Lesson 2: Reading the Knitting

Lesson 3: Design Considerations

Lesson 4: Yarn Selection

Lesson 5: Creatng a Personal Pattern

Sweater Cloning Course

  • All online course sales are final. No refeunds can be given. 

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