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Cactus Hill Farm Yarn

These gorgeous yarns come straight from Colorado where sixth generation ranchers Elana Miller-Kuile and her father Alan have been raising sheep and tending the land. As Elena explains on their website: "Cactus Hill Farm is a multi-generational farm that was established in 1867 by Hispano settlers moving north when Colorado was still part of Mexico." The farm is a largely organic operation that relies on age-old irrigation methods and they raise a wild and wooly flock of sheep from many different breeds. We're lucky enough to have several of their natural yarns in the shop: a lovely cross of California Variegated Mutant (CVM) and Wensleydale in four colors: white, light grey, mid-grey, and dark grey (which is really a very deep chocolate brown). These yarns are perfect for sweaters and any winter accesssory your heart might desire. 


CVM/Wensledale skeins are a DK weight at 3oz and 200 yds each and $29


You can read my interview with Elena here.


Cactus Hill Farm Yarn

  • I want you to be happy with your yarn purchase.

    You may return yarn within 14 days if it is in the same condition in which you purchased it (i.e. unused, skeined with tags). You will be responsible for original and return shipping costs.

    If you have any questions, please email me at knittingthestash(at)

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